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Waukesha Commercial Painting Services
Waukesha Residential Painting Services
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West Allis Commercial & Residential Painting Services

West Allis Commercial & Residential Painting Services 

Caulking, Sealing, Staining and Painting Services in West Allis 

Perfection Painting provides the best painting service available to West Allis homes and businesses. We combine friendly, professional staff at affordable prices to be the most trusted and preferred painting company in Milwaukee County. 


We provide a litany of services to the West Allis area, including:

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Interior Painting Services for West Allis Homes & Businesses

When done correctly, well-painted walls can completely change a room. The professionals at Perfection Painting are dedicated to helping you choose colors that accent and complement your room’s existing aesthetic. Our wide choice of styles and colors give you limitless opportunities to create lively, professional and cozy spaces. We cater to the exact needs of every home and business, cultivating the room you want down to the exact shade. 

Exterior Painting Services for West Allis Homes & Businesses

Perfection Painting offers comprehensive exterior painting services for any kind of building. Whether you need touch-ups, new window trimming or an entirely new exterior color, we’ve got your back.  To ensure quality and longevity in our work (and to save you money down the road), we offer two types of exterior paint:

  • Latex: Easy to apply, quick to dry paint that reduces cracking and repels water
  • Oil-based: Durable, temperature-resistant paint that stands the test of time, every time. 

Wallcovering Installers in West Allis

Popular in high-traffic buildings and businesses, our vinyl wall coverings can bring life to any room. Wall coverings are quick and easy to clean, and providing business and homeowners with tons of benefits:

  • No peeling, chipping or stains
  • Customizable to achieve the exact aesthetic you desire
  • Fast, simple installation process
  • Added texture for room accenting

At Perfection Painting, we carry a wide variety of choices to suit every space. From homes to workspaces and businesses, our wall coverings breathe life back into your walls. 

West Allis Wood Staining Services Interior & exterior wood staining services in West Allis, WI

If the original wood of your home or business is beginning to fade, Perfection Painting’s wood staining services can return it to its former glory. Our process is quick, easy and affordable, using only the best products available to bring your wood back to life. We protect the wood diligently, providing a matching stain which eliminated fading and adds luster. Don’t allow your wood to become muted — let them be beautiful.

Sealing & Caulking Contractors in West Allis

Perfection Painting saves you time and money with our professional sealing and caulking services. Whether the gap is interior, exterior or both, a crack or hole can lead to serious problems down the road. If you don’t patch your walls as soon as possible, you could risk having to completely remodel.

Benefits of Sealing & Caulking

  • PEST PROTECTION: Walls sealed by Perfection Painting prevent bugs and other pests from entering your home by patching possible entry points
  • NO WATER DAMAGE, GUARANTEED: Gaps and cracks can allow water to enter your building from the outside, wreaking havoc on structural and cosmetic integrity.
  • LOWER ENERGY BILLS: Any kind of gap, space or crack can allow the air inside your home to escape. And in Wisconsin, we need all the warm air we can get. Perfection Painting’s sealing services keep your energy bills low and your toes warm with our caulking and sealing service. 


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