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Waukesha Commercial Painting Services
Waukesha Residential Painting Services
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Painting Protects Investment

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Our Painting Professionals Can Brighten Any Room
Waukesha interior & exterior painting services

The Waukesha community trusts Perfection Painting Corporation for outstanding results. Whether you need a vinyl wall covering at the office or a simple fresh coat of paint in your home, our professionals get the job done.

Our painting services include: 

Waukesha Painters for Exterior & Interior Services

Home and business exteriors take a lot of beating from harsh weather, consistent usage, and general wear-and-tear. Perfection Painting uses two types of professional-grade paint for long-lasting reliability.

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Latex Paint- Latex paint is made of acrylic; an extremely flexible paint which easily clings to surfaces. Latex is also permeable and lets water through for a crack-resistant finish. The paint also has minimal odor, dries quickly, and goes on easy.   

Alkyd Paint- This oil-based paint withstands temperature changes better than latex. Alkyd paint does take a longer amount of time to dry, however; stains and marks don’t stand a chance. This durable paint goes the distance with exterior painting projects.

Painting Company Transforms Interiors into Masterpieces

The interior appearance of a residential or commercial building silently speaks a thousand words. Lack of color and creativity reveals a boring personality and/or company mission statement. Don’t settle for dull.

Perfection Painting is your #1 choice for interior painting in your Waukesha home or business. Our services include paying attention to detail, offering grade-A customer service, and getting the job done right the first time. Your search for the perfect painter stops here.  

Caulking & Sealing Services from Waukesha Painting Experts

We’re masters at patching up gaps, cracks, and other paint surface flaws to rejuvenate your home or business appearance in a flash. Perfection Painting keeps creepy-crawlies, cold drafts, and water out of the building, while sealing both interior and exterior gaps. Talk to one of our caulking experts for a free quote today!

Traditional & Modern Vinyl Wall Coverings for Homes & Businesses

Opting for a vinyl wall covering instead of paint goes a long way, especially if you wish for a more intricate wall design. Perfection Painting’s wall covering specialists exceed expectations with stunning designs, style coordination, and installation.

We offer simple and elaborate vinyl wall coverings for homes and businesses; proven to be more than just a decorative touch. Wall coverings also offer an extra layer of protection against nicks, scrapes, and scuffs. Schedule a consultation with one of our Waukesha interior painters and discover the endless possibilities in vinyl wall covering designs.

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Waukesha Wood Staining Professionals

Wood is a coveted artistic element; it adds a natural look and feel to the entire design scheme. Even though wood is gorgeous, special care is required to maintain its appearance and beauty.

We at Perfection Painting offer wood staining services to commercial and residential buildings in Waukesha. The intricate staining process leaves the wood glazed, adding a hint of color and protecting the walls for years to come. We also carefully match the stain to other panels, trimming, and more.

Let the walls do the talking; trust Perfection Painting for your Waukesha business or home interior and exterior upgrades.  

Dramatically update your home or business and contact Waukesha’s painters at Perfection Painting today. 
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