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Top 5 DIY Painting Mistakes to Avoid

Perfection Painting Corporation Takes All the Stress Out of Painting ProjectsConfused home painter trying to DIY-it

Everything is Do-it-Yourself these days. Why spend money on a professional when you can do it for free? When it comes to painting projects, many do-it-yourselfers find it’s easier said than done. There are several other common DIY painting mistakes, and encountering just one of them can ruin the rest of your painting project. The professional painters of Perfection Painting Corp. have provided affordable fixes for countless DIY paint projects gone wrong. Avoid these mistakes by hiring our expert team!

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The 5 most common DIY painting mistakes we’ve seen are:

1.      Lack of proper preparation

It takes a lot of patience and extra work to get the professional results you want. Paint project preparation requires:

  • Cleaning the walls
  • Applying paint primer
  • Wrapping fixtures
  • Covering the floors with drop cloths

Every one of these steps takes time. With our professional contractors, prep work is done faster so your project can start and finish on schedule.

2.      Using the wrong tools and incorrect type of paint

A paint brush is just a paint brush, right? Wrong. Before you get started, you must know the differences between each brush, roller, and sprayer in order to get the exact look you want. They are not interchangeable and will vastly change the final appearance of the paint.

There are several different painting tools to consider, including:

  • Brushes
  • Roller covers
  • Pads
  • Sprayers
  • Power painters
  • Edgers

There are different types of paint, such as:

  • Oil-based
  • Alkyd
  • Water-based, or latex

Our experts will determine which paint and application method is best for your project. We know the best tools for painting an interior residential room versus an exterior commercial property and more.

3.      Foregoing painter’s tape

Using painter’s tape is like coloring inside the lines. No matter how careful you plan to be, paint can easily make a mess. Without properly applied tape, you might find paint all over adjacent walls once you’re finished. How frustrating!

Using painter’s tape:

  • Provides professional-looking results
  • Doesn’t form air pockets to reduce paint bleed
  • Leaves no sticky residue behind once removed

The Perfection Painting Corp. team knows where and how to best apply painter’s tape to leave beautiful results.

4.      Not buying enough paint

Paint colors can turn out slightly different if it’s mixed at different times. If you only buy one can, you’ll have to run back for more and more cans. Even if the paint is from the same original batch, a different store associate mixing it can lead to mismatched coloring. Running out of paint and having to buy more will stall your project, and the chances of finishing it on-time dwindles with every extra trip.

Our painters have painted many homes and businesses, inside and out, in the Waukesha area. We know how much paint a room will need and always plan ahead with extra cans. This keeps the project moving on-time and ensures the final colors match perfectly.

5.      Not letting the 1st coat of paint dry completely

Always always always let the 1st coat of paint dry before applying the 2nd coat. It’s the number one rule of painting yet we see it broken all the time by well-meaning DIYers. How long between coats depends on the type of paint you’re using. Not waiting for the initial coat of paint to dry can lead to serious problems and you’ll end up wrecking all your hard work! Before you know it, your cost-saving DIY project will lead to more expensive and time-consuming paint repairs.

Signs of not waiting long enough include:

  • Apparent brush strokes
  • Uneven color
  • Frequent surface flaws
  • Peeling paint

If you’re looking at a failed paint job, contact Perfection Painting Corp. to come out and fix it.

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Don’t waste your time with unnecessary stress! Hire Perfection Painting of New Berlin for the best results in interior and exterior painting. With realistic turnaround times and budget-friendly options, our professional painters are the ones to trust to make any-size wall look great. Relying on your own painting knowledge might be sufficient for creative purposes, but not for bigger projects. Check out our interior and exterior painting photo gallery, and leave the painting to the professionals at Perfection Painting.

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